I consider the almost divine beauty and purity of Urushi is at its acme at the instant the liquid is brushed on.

Imagine the moment the tip of the human haired brush puts down Urushi as if it were a thousand strands of flowing glistening black hair.

Imagine the very moment Urushi transforms an object into an unfathomable, visceral, giddying black.

Though freshly dried Urushi shines with the lucidness of a newborn, the excitement gradually subsides and silence follows. Once it drys, the vividness is no longer.

From there Urushi gradually hardens over a 6-month period. In a somewhat lonesome sentiment, the Urushi comes of age I guess. From this point of view, liquid Urushi possesses red hot lava-like chaotic energy and vigor.

The beauty and spiritualism Urushi with which it has enamored people from the ancient times has many faces. When facing Urushi, my body rejoices in a storm of excitement. Sometimes my heart aches, other times experience ecstasy. Sometimes dumbfounded, nearly fainting, and crying without knowing.

Thus I found my vocation to pass along the fascination of live Urushi through multiple dimensions and perspective. 3D, 2D, space, time, concept, etc.

Urushi is Japanese lacquer from Urushi tree.
The origin of the word "media" is "medium" in Latin, and means "between," "interposition," and "mediator."




Yohko Toda

戸田 蓉子

Urushi Artist / Urushi Media

Born in Nara, currently based in Kyoto

BA in Aesthetic Art Theory, Doshisha University

Briefly studied in France during university years

Finished internship at Gallery Achdjian (Paris)

Apprenticeship in Urushi-working under Nagato Onishi (Honorary Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Wed to novelist Hanamura Mangetsu (119th Akutagawa Prize winner)

Member of Kyoto Laqcuerware Youth Association
奈良県生まれ 京都在住
Galerie Achdjian(Paris)にてインターン・勤務

Exhibition history / activity history

2004 Group show at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
2005 Group show at Kashinoki Gallery
2006 Group show at Gareria Mao (Old Akashi-tei)
2008 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition
2009 The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition 2009 
2011 Tableware Festival 2011 in Tokyo Dome
2011~2016 Hiatus
2017 Uruoi Urushi Exhibition 2017 at Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
2017 Saigono Ippai Exhibition at Art space Yokaan 
2018 Tableware Festival 2018 
2018 Uruoi Urushi Exhibition 2018 at Gallery Kisshodo
2018 Cooperation with Prof. Naoko Tosa (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University) for her project “Sound of Ikebana”
2018 Discussion at iculture Studies as leading Urushi Artist
2018 49th Kyo-Shikki Exhibition at Miyako Messe 
2018 Cooperation with the Utsuhino Wazano Bi Exhibition
2019 Craft NEXT
2019 Uruoi Urushi Exhibition 2019
2019 50th Kyo-Shikki Exhibition at Miyako Messe 


2004 グループ展 赤レンガ倉庫
2005 グループ展 樫の木ギャラリー
2006 グループ展 ガレリア真魚(旧明石邸)
2008 伊丹国際クラフト展 
2009 国際漆展石川2009 
2011 テーブルウェアフェスティバル2011 
2011 - 2016 活動休止
2017 うるおい漆展2017 
2017 ギャラリー余花庵「さいごの一杯展」 
2018 テーブルウェアフェスティバル2018 
2018 うるおい漆展2018 
2018 京都大学メディアセンター教授 土佐尚子氏の『Sound of Ikebana』に協力
2018 iculture研究会のディスカッションに漆代表として参加
2018 第49回 京漆器展 
2018 写しの技の美展 協力
2019 クラフトNEXT
2019 うるおい漆展2019
2019 第50回 京漆器展

Award history

2008 Prize at ITAMI International Craft Exhibition
2009 Gold prize at The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition 2009
2011 Prize at Tableware Festival 2011
2017 Grand Prize at Uruoi Urushi Exhibition
2018 Prize at Tableware Festival 2018
2018 Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman’s Prize at Uruoi Urushi Exhibition
2019 Chairman's Award at 50th Kyo-sikki Exibition
2019 Prize at Craft NEXT2019


2008 伊丹国際クラフト展入選
2009 国際漆展石川2009 金賞
2011 テーブルウェアフェスティバル2011入選
2017 うるおい漆大賞
2018 テーブルウェアフェスティバル2018入選
2018 うるおい漆展 京都商工会議所会頭賞
2019 京漆器展 理事長賞
2019 クラフトNEXT入選


2019 News oped
2019 Fujingaho website,Today,Kyoto,Tommorow"


2019 ニューズオプエド
2019婦人画報コンテンツきょうとあす「京都人のひとりごと 梶川由紀さんのひとりごと」