the capsule

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京都現代美術館・何必館キュレーター/アートディレクターである梶川由紀さんが立ち上げたブランドthe editとのコラボレーションワーク

the capsuleは、漆作家である戸田蓉子さんが作り続けているメッセージカプセルが土台となっています。初めてその作品を見た時、「叶わない通信」というコンセプトが浮かびました。会いたくても会えない人に、もうこの世には存在しない誰かに、時空を超えて想いを届けてくれる魔法のポストのようなcapsuleを作りたいと思いました。
蓉子さんと1年以上にわたって話し合いました。こだわったのは、筒ではない形状と封印がきちんとできること。金属素材を探求し、技術とデザインの狭間で頭を悩ませました。そして生まれたのがthe capsule(2022)です。梶川


Collaboration work with Yuki Kajikawa/Curator of Kahitsukan-Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Director of the edit

the capsule began as a message capsule created by lacquer artist Yohko Toda. Upon seeing her work for the first time, I imagined her piece sheltering my last convictions as I leave this world behind. This evolved into the idea of designing a vessel for “unfulfilled communication.” I wanted to create a mystical mailbox that could deliver thoughts beyond space and time to people out of reach or even to the departed.
I had many discussions with Yohko for over a year. We explored the possibilities and limitations of handcrafted metal materials and the struggles between technology and design. We were very particular about the shape not being a tube and its ability to seal properly. the capsule (2022) is the result of our collaboration, a piece that may unfold into something new in the future.

Here is a message from Yohko Toda.
「With the direction of Yuki Kajikawa, the message capsule underwent a happy transformation. First of all, the capsule, which had been lying down, stood up. Similar to the flame of a candle, the smoke of an incense stick or a prayer on its way to the heavens. Rather than having a practical use, Yuki’s wish was for the message capsule to hold a letter conveying her feelings
I usually use tin as a material combined with a thick layer of “urushi”. Tin is soft in texture yet sturdy. The combination of metal and lacquer was used for armors and other items throughout history, as lacquer prevents metal corrosion. This time, vermillion lacquer was applied on both the inside and the outside of the capsule. The outer veneer acts as a shield while the inner layer protects the feelings. Even if the tin tarnishes over time, it remains vermilion. I believe the capsule can preserve feelings connected by the red thread, transcending time and space.」
Yuki Kajikawa

photo by @yoshidaakihito

  • Yohko Toda